Friday, April 22, 2011

I Just Want Quiet

I have been trying and trying to write another blog entry, but the business of life has gotten in the way. This week has been especially busy, with the boys on spring break, having lacrosse practice in the evening, and me still trying to work from home. Earlier this morning, I read a very short story from 50 Things that Really Matter, and it tied directly to the blog I've been trying to write for over 2 weeks now.

The following really hit home - especially for me, the extrovert...

"Today, I understand. Quiet is precious. Sometimes quiet clears the way for sounds we rarely stop to appreciate, like the trickling of a stream, a ticking clock, or even the hum of the car motor. At other times, quiet completely takes over, like during a snowstorm - birds hop on the snow, squirrels run around, but nothing makes a sound. It's just quiet.... In a world full of honking horns, blaring music, echoing restaurants, and TV commercials so loud they make the dog run and hide, sometimes I, too, just want quiet." - 50 Things that Really Matter

My next blog, "No Time to Mourn", will touch more on my need for quiet - if I ever have enough quiet time to get it done. ...

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