Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back

On the anniversary of Austin's accident my best friend gave me a card that summed up life....

Two steps forward, one step back...
Two steps forward, one step back...
Didn't know you could dance so well!
Keep dancing.

What a beautiful reminder that life is a dance, where we take two steps forward and one step back - but the entire time we are moving and growing and becoming.

Yesterday and today were both one of those "one step back" kind of days, reinforcing the fact that even as I'm moving forward there will be days, where out of the blue, memories come, tears sneak out, and I have to let them flow - those darn "Sneaky Tears" and "Sorrow Tears (see "Who Opened the Dam?" 9/16/10 blog).

Everywhere I turn thoughts of Austin pop up and I'm reminded how much I miss him. Perhaps it's because I went back home to visit, this past week-end, and Austin was not there. Even though he wasn't present physically, so many memories were, and my soul was reminded that something was missing - something will always be missing.

So today, I will let the memories soak in. I will remember the life of Austin, that while not here physically, will always be here in spirit. And I will continue to dance the dance of life... two steps forward and one step back.

Side note: As I was typing this blog the sound of a loud dirt bike flying up our quiet neighborhood street was heard through my window.... a reminder that Austin is everywhere.

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