Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello World...

It's funny how you can listen to the same song several times, and then one day it seems to have a different meaning. That's what happened with "Hello World" by Lady Antebellum, not once, but twice. I've always enjoyed the song, found it soothing, comforting. Then one day I saw the video and it gave me a little unrest. It took on a different meaning, or should I say a stronger meaning.

It reinforced how short life can be. It helped remind me how adults (especially me) can get so wrapped up in the everyday rat race that we forget to stop and see the real wonders of life. We make mountains out of mole hills. We forget what's important. We forget to look around, to appreciate what we have. Life is short and we need to value what we have right here, right now.

For the past week I've found myself very short of patience, especially when it comes to my two younger boys. Every little thing they did irritated me and I would snap at them. I knew what I was doing, I knew it wasn't helping. But I just wanted to yell, as if yelling would get them to listen a little more, get them to feel my frustration. Hmmm... I think it actually only made matters worse.

At night I would tuck them into bed and feel horrible... horrible that I had been miserable all day... horrible that I knew how I should act, but refused to do it...horrible that I let life suck the joy out of me and failed to appreciate what I have right here in front of me - two beautiful boys (and a caring husband).

No, they don't always do things the way I want them to... Yes, they need guidance from me on homework and day-to-day responsibilities... Yes, they need to see that even when we're feeling frustrated we need to treat others respect. But yelling and pouting won't help them.

After I beat myself up on my "wonderful" behavior, I would think back to the rest of the day, to when one of the boys had actually tried to help. I was too busy being miserable to appreciate what they were doing. I was so focused on the negatives that I missed the positives. In fact, I missed the sadness in their eyes when I failed to acknowledge something they were trying to do to help lift my spirits.

At this point I would realize that there are times (and this was one of them) that I must stop in my tracks - my miserable, grumpy tracks - look around, and say...

Hello world, How you been?
Good to see you, my old friend.
Sometimes I feel, cold as steel
And broken like I'm never gonna heal
And I see a light, a little grace, a little faith unhurls
Well hello world...

Sometimes I forget what living's for
And I hear my life through my front door
And I breathe it in, Oh, I'm home again...
(Lyrics from "Hello World", by Lady Antebellum)

Hmmm... I definately need to remember what living's for...

I heard the song again today, on the radio, and a funny thought hit me. I thought of Austin (imagine that) entering this world as a little baby, announcing - "Hello world!... Here I Am! ... Let's get this thing started!" I know that's not what the song is really talking about, but it made me smile. Even though Austin was constantly doing life, whether tinkering on a motor, helping a friend, going to school, working, or hanging out, he still knew how to love life. You saw it in his smile and heard it in his laugh.

Now when I listen to "Hello World" I'll have two thoughts running through my mind...

"Slow down, take a breath and look around - hello world..."

"Hello World!... Here I Am! Let's get started!

When you say 'Hello World' what are you thinking? Come on, try it... "Hello World..." 

(Here's the link to the song and video, if you've never heard it before, or just want to listen to it again: "Hello World"

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