Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life is Full of Coincidences...Start to Finish!

co-in-ci-dence noun
the occurrence of events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have connection.

Examples of COINCIDENCE:

I was 21-1/2 years old when I was pregnant with Austin.... Austin was 21-1/2 years old when he died.

When I was pregnant with Austin the song "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor got me through lonely times.... For the past few months, every time I'm in the car, Rascal Flatt's song, "I Won't Let Go", comes on the radio - the message is basically the same as "You've Got a Friend".

Austin was born on the same day as my mom (on her 50th birthday).... Austin died on my sister-in-law's wedding anniversary.

My one brother is 9 years older than my youngest brother.... My youngest brother is 9-1/2 years older than Austin.... Austin is 9-1/2 years older than his brother (my middle son).

June 24, 2010 a little after 7am Austin was in a fatal motorcycle accident on his way to work.... September 24, 2010 a little after 7am a 17 year-old boy (in the town next to mine), was killed on a motorcycle on his way to school.... I have become friends with his mother. (We are now part of The Miss Your Smile Club, that neither of us ever wanted to be part of.)... A couple years before Austin's accident, on June 24th, a friend's nephew was killed in an accident.

A few weeks before Austin's accident he sent me a message, "I know you worry about me because you're my mom. But I want you to know, you don't need to." ...Hmmmm.

When we did a personality test for everyone in my family (my parents, siblings, husband, and children) not one personality was the same... except mine and Austin's - we were the same....I sure feel sorry for everyone else, since mine and Austin's is the best one to have. Or so we used to joke.

The name of Austin's electrical business was "Start to Finish".... Austin lived his life to the fullest...

...from START to FINISH!
And that's no coincidence!

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