Friday, May 6, 2011

God's Answer to Prayers

Warning: This blog may cause controversy and raise emotions... you may agree or you may disagree... that's ok, these are simply my thoughts...

"My mother's cancer is gone. God answered our prayers.".... "My husband is going to be ok from the accident. God answered my prayers."... "I didn't lose my job during the last round of layoffs. God is good - He answered my prayers."... "My niece was very, very sick and the doctors didn't think she was going to make it, but she pulled through. God answered our prayers. God is good."

I could go on and on with comments I hear on a regular basis that make me cringe. Sometimes I even taste a little blood, from biting my tongue so hard. What I want to say in response to these comments is, "What if your mother's cancer killed her? Would you still say God answered your prayers?"... "What if your husband isn't going to be ok from the accident? What if he will never walk again? Would you still say God answered your prayers?"... "What if you were laid off, can't find a job, and can't pay your mortgage. Would you still say 'God is good. He answered my prayers.'"... "What if your niece hadn't made it? What if she had died? Would you still say God answered your prayers? Would you still say 'God is good?'"

Have you ever heard someone say, when the doctor announces the cancer is incurable, "God answered our prayers."?... Have you ever heard someone say, when their house is foreclosed on, "God is good, He answered our prayers.'?... Have you ever had someone say to you, when their son is killed in an accident, "God answered our prayers."?

Just my thoughts.

You see. I have always prayed for my children. I pray for their safety. I pray that they get through difficult situations. I pray for their health.... On the morning of Austin's accident I prayed that he would be ok. My husband prayed he'd be ok. Friends and family prayed he'd be ok." But he died. Does that mean God didn't answer our prayers? Does that mean God isn't good?

Not at all. God does answer prayers - all of them. But, sometimes He answers "yes", sometimes "no", and sometimes "not now".  On June 24th, 2010 God answered my prayer with a resounding "No."

It reminds me of my having to watch my children struggle through difficult situations. Sometimes I will step in and help; other times I understand I must watch my children deal with pain, knowing they will be better for it. And when they ask for something, sometimes my answer is "Yes," sometimes it's "No" and sometimes it's "Not now." Not because I don't love them, but because I love them more than life itself. I will always stand by them, even as my heart is aching as I watch them struggle, because I know they must go through the pain to become stronger.

I hate the answer God gave me on June 24th, 2010. I do not understand it; I do not want it. And I have no choice, but to accept it.

Even with that "no" answer, I know God is still good. When I asked Him to help me get through this tragedy, He answered with a "Yes". He gave me the strength needed to go on. He put beautiful people in my life, to walk by my side through this horrific experience.

This is life... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Just my thoughts...

So please, don't be offended, if you ever say to me, "God answered our prayers," and I just smile, saying nothing. Because He did answer - He always does: Yes, No, Not Now...

Just my thoughts.


  1. Lori, you are truely an amazing person. I love your strengt. I believe you have helped more people than you know with your courage and wisdom.

    Thank you for this. This helped me more than I ever thought it would.

  2. Lori- This is so true. Just because we don't like the answer God gave us, doesn't mean he wasn't listening or didn't answer. You are amazing!

  3. Such beautiful entry and so true! Your strength through all this is truly inspiring to all! Thank you for being you Lori! (((hugs)))

  4. Not offended in the least.......I am amazed by you!! God has used you in the wake of this terrible tragedy in a mighty way Lori...... Heaven is smiling down on you as you use the pain you have experienced to make Gods name famous to those around you!! You are such an example to me!! Thanks for sharing your heart, wounds and all!! {{{{ HUGS }}}}}}